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Philip John Bona

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Policy Research & Implementation


Philip was instrumental in the accomplishments of the
AIA National Center for Livable Communities Working
Group that became the clearinghouse for AIA's many
activities that influence our communities' quality of life.
The Center was a nonpartisan forum that provided
unbiased leadership to facilitate discussions of
community design; partner with other stakeholders
promoting innovation; and inform policy choices for
communities, regions, and the nation. It is now called
the Center for Communities by Design. 

His work on the AIA National Center for Livable
Communities Working Group established the “Ten
Principles of Livable Communities” which influenced
significant collaborations among the AIA, APA, AARP,
American Public Works Association, National
Association of Home Builders, National Association of
Housing and Redevelopment Officials, Congress for
the New Urbanism, and ULI among others by
organizing meetings, conferences and a workshops to
promote and formulate transit oriented smart growth

Philip facilitated the First San Diego BIMStorm™
Community Charrette fFor 8 Neighborhoods, San
Diego, CA in 2009. HIs efforts solidified the versatility
of the community planning process, collaborating
with Kimon Onuma, FAIA in the development of
BIMStorm™ San Diego"Visualizing Sustainable Urban
Planning" in 2009. 

Taking place live in San Diego at the NewSchool of
Architecture and Design and also virtually over the
Internet by team members from three continents
simultaneously, he engaged the global design
community and local community groups to explore and
create virtual visions of a Smart Growth oriented San
Diego future in needed urban redevelopment areas
including the Civic Center, Sports Arena, Airport,
Waterfront, and Mexico Border Crossing among
others.  Over150 people participated. Phil’s leadership
developed best practice urban design solutions for 8
communities for use in their community planning
process with the City during 2009-12.  His efforts
continue to benefit these areas.


Crafted and supervised the “Sustainable Design
Guidelines” study and “Best Management Practices”
for Downtown San Diego, the results of which will be
incorporated in the 2012 Downtown Community Plan
update and the Centre City Planned District
Ordinance in support of the Mayor’s Climate Change
Initiative and California’s AB-32 and SB-375

He supervised the nationally respected
Paladino & Associates (Seattle) sustainability
consultant, facilitated the stakeholder group
interviews, and edited the early program documents. 
In September 2010, the CCDC Board implemented
the outcome of the study titled“Centre City Green”
and the City further adopted the program as new
policy to be implemented city-wide by the end of

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Last updated: 05/15/2012